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Pet Doctrines

Many groups seem to offer doctrines based upon the Bible. We will call them “Pet Doctrines” for the following series of Bible Studies. The little pets of “DOGma” have infected the Body of Christ with spiritual mange. These persistent, floundering flees seem to bite and irritate the souls of many believers. Many who adhere to them seem to come down with a rabid case of rabies, ever ready to snap and snarl at those who do not abide by the demonic deceptions. Have no fear, there are no pet doctrines allowed here.

Pig on a table Pet Doctrines

Today, we will be tackling “Unclean Meat, Cannibalism, & Meat Sacrificed To Idols”. We will not be putting people down for health choices and personal covenants made with God. With Part 1, we will be focusing on “Clean VS Unclean Meats.” Knowing kosher and un-kosher, or meats you are allowed to eat versus meats you are not allowed to eat. So, let us dig into the meat of God’s Word and review the 5 times that diets have been set and changed by God.

Cannibalism Pet Doctrines

We have heard of the infamous cannibal Jeffrey Dahmer, the serial killer who ate his victims, and many other such horrendous and disgusting stories of cannibalism. The rest of the Bible is no different in the accounts provided. This is what we will be talking about today- Cannibalism from a Biblical point of view. So, hold onto your taste buds, and wet your appetites for the meat of the Word of God. I promise we will season it with salt.  

Food and Idols Pet Doctrines

Paul & Jesus’ statements concerning food sacrificed to Idols has been no small debate, and has created a great controversy within the church. Even to the point of people saying that everything written by Paul should be thrown away. They like to cite the supposed contradiction between His and Jesus’ statements. But under a closer look and when read in context, we will find no controversy concerning food sacrificed to idols, and if Christians should eat such food produced by pagan religious practices.

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