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Marriage Relationships

Bible Based MarriageThere is no such thing as a perfect marriage, for there are no perfect people. Let alone finding two perfect people to create the perfect marriage. It has been said in the world that marriage is like “two ticks trying to figure out which one is the dog”- a sad, but true, observation of the world. The idea of getting married to get your own needs met is contrary to “Biblical Marriage”, of meeting each other’s needs. One being inward focused and the other being outward focused. True Biblical marriage is based upon creating a union of two souls – one flesh- and to be a servant to your partner. In its truest Biblical form, marriage is the creation of a union by which both parties blend into each other. Firmly creating an environment that to take care of your spouse first – is taking care of yourself. The world’s way is “I must take care of me, before I can take care of you.” This is not found in scripture. We will see that when we get married, we release control of ourselves to our spouse- and we are then bound by God to put them before ourselves.

Biblical Parenting Relationships

Biblical Parenting: Children are a blessing from God. Yet, in this era of split, mixed, and broken homes, parents can feel helpless trying to positively affect the lives of their children. While it is easier to do this when the children are in your home, be of good courage! You still have the power to positively empower their lives. In this study, we will cover key concepts and principles given to us by God that will give us the tools to allow our Children to have the best opportunity for success in life and with God.

Friendship Relationships

Friendship: If you ask most people in the world how many friends they have, I’m sure a large number will start including those who follow them on Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube. Then they might count their co-workers, people at the gym, etc. But, how many of them are just mere acquaintances masquerading as friends? They are shallow relationships that do not go any deeper than barely knowing their names.  It also seems that as you get older and have a family, it’s even harder to make new friends- let alone devote time to keep them. Then the most important question of the real friends we have is: “how many are true Biblical friends?” If we can then point out the true God-centered friendships, we must then graduate to: “how exactly does God guide us to handle these divine fellowships?”  That will be the focus of this study. We will cut away the fat and get down to the “friendship meat”. In doing so, we will build for ourselves a firm foundation for life and the days ahead.

Brotherly love Relationships

Brotherly LOVE  By Its Very Nature Is SACRIFICAL The way of the world is to seek your own good and happiness. After fulfilling your own desires, if you have anything left, then give some of that- but only after self fulfillment. God’s way is to seek the benefit of others first, and trust God to fulfill your needs and desires. To sacrificially give of your mental, emotional, and spiritual energies: sharing your time, your talents, your earthly goods, your wealth, and your wisdom for the benefits of the Body of Christ. THIS is Sacrificial Love! We cannot neglect the needs of each other, without hurting ourselves!

The Value Of Fellowship And Truth Relationships

The Value Of Fellowship And TruthWhat value do we put on knowing the truth? Do we treat it as a precious treasure to be sought after and kept safe? What about fellowship? Are we meeting to just meet our own needs? In a world of spiritual darkness and void of true fellowship, how important is the Church gathering? We must take these divine encounters as the rare and important treasures they are. In a world of “take it or leave it”, we must avoid the “fast food” mentality of our Church gatherings. There is too much at play not to take one of life’s greatest blessings serious. Every week, a fresh blessing of truth and love in the body is poured out from the throne of Heaven. How sad would it be to fail to receive the best God has in store for us, by not prioritizing the divine mandate to forsake the assembling of the faithful followers of Jesus our Christ?

Being God's Friend  Relationships

Focus Verse: 1 John 4:19 “We love him, because he first loved us!” I hope as we read these great testimonies, you will be inspired to know that regular people just like you have been friends with God- approved and accepted. It is possible through faith in Jesus and empowered by the Holy Spirit, to have a deep, meaningful friendship with God. Most importantly, He wants to have this relationship with you.

 Marriage, children, friendship,