Daniel McClard

The Heritage Of A Godly Father

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Focus Verse:

The Heritage Of A Godly Father

  • Children Are A Blessing From God.
  • As A Parent, Who They Are In The Lord Is Either A Blessing Or Curse To Their Kids.
  • A Father’s Obedience Brings Blessings To His Children.
  • He Respects And Fears God.
  • He Walks Before God In Honor.
  • He Proclaims God’s Character To His Children.
  • He Raises His Children To Honor And Obey God.
  • He Teaches Them The Truth Of God’s Word.
  • He Corrects Them To Keep Them On The Right Path.
  • He Is A Firm Force Motivated By Love.
  • He Prays For His Children.
  • A Godly Father Provides For His Children.
  • A Godly Father’s Love Never Fails His Family.

God Blessing The Righteous With Long Life

  • We Said The Aaronic Prayer Over Him
  • We Also Said The Lord’s Prayer

This Too Is A Blessing From God.

  • Total Touches Every Year: 72,996 (Note: This Is Just For The Last 3.5 Years)
  • Total Touches Every Month: 6,083
  • Total Touches Every Day: 202.7
  • Total Touches Every Hour: 8.44
  • Total Touches Every 7.22 Minutes: 1

Daniel has the testimony of being good seed, as Jesus tells us, bearing much fruit.

Our Heavenly Father – Orphans No More!

Honor Daniel And Follow His Example Of Faith

Let Us Continue To Follow Daniel’s Witness

Daniel McClard