Testimonies Of God’s Goodness!

Testimonies Of God’s Goodness!

“Even so, let your light shine before men; that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father who is in heaven.” Matthew 5:16 

Why we share this information: We must bring glory to God by exposing the work that has been done in His name. Not to glorify human accomplishment; no, let it never be so. All glory goes to God. We must let those who wish to partner with this work know that this ministry is fertile ground and has accomplished much through faithfulness.

Cody Brockelman


I’ve known Lance and his family for well over a decade; Lance has never wavered in his love for God and Christ nor has his family.  I have personally benefited on multiple fronts from Lance and his families generosity and all of their kindness stems from their faith.  Everyone of us that Lances imparts wisdom to is as much a part of his family as we can be.  If you ever wanted to feel loved and truly accepted for exactly who you are then there is no need to look any further than Brother Lance’s ministry.  The truth of the Bible lies within Lance’s teachings, not the pomp and circumstance you find in most conventional churches today.  What Brother Lance says he will do is what he does.  I’ve never known him to do anything in life merely “half-way.”  With Brother Lance everything is “all-or-nothing” and that is how he treats the ministry.  If he isn’t going to put all of himself into the ministry then it isn’t going to exist.

Lorian Guillaume


Brother Lance and his family’s ministry has and continues to be a tremendous blessing to me. I first discovered them through the Christian Soul Prepper podcast and being fascinated, challenged, offended and encouraged all at the same time by the truths shared, I downloaded and completed the e-book devotional “We shall be like Him” (brother Lance wrote and gives this away for free!). I regularly join the weekly online Bible study sessions he hosts and receive great biblical insights and answers to my faith questions. I listen to the spiritual pumped up music produced by Brother Lance (also downloadable for free!) to stay motivated in the Lord. These are just a few of Brother Lance’s resources  that have significantly benefited my spiritual growth in Christ.

Brother and sister Lance often call, text and pray with and for me and their family ministry has committed to supporting me financially until I get back on my feet; they offered to even house me in case I ever need a place to stay. They not only care about my spiritual needs but my physical too, just like Jesus demonstrated we should while he was on earth. I thank God for using this family to lift me up and also hold me accountable to His commands. Please do partner financially with their generous ministry and I can assure you your contributions would not just stay with them but bleed onto many others like myself. Thank you so much and God bless you with abundant peace joy and love!

Angel Heiskell


Brother Lance and his ministry came into our lives about four and a half years ago. After we got to know him and his family over a couple years the Lord put it on our hearts to open up our home for him to hold ministry through the internet. The sermons that the Lord prepared him for teaching me been mighty and powerful.

 He started teaching us and the Lord opened up a whole new world of learning because I was hungry for the truth about the Gospel of Jesus Christ. It seemed what I was learning from church was just spinning my wheels not getting anywhere was empty teaching they were missing something.

I have never met such an honest and complete sold out husband and wife for the Lord. God has richly blessed their lives along with mine. He did this for opening our home in our lives to him and his wife and children. People have to want to be hungry for the the knowledge of the word of God. You have to want to let go of man’s doctrines and the ways you’ve been taught and truly listen to what God has to say because there’s been such false teaching and a false Jesus taught for about 60 years in the churches. God has used brother Lance in such a deep and blessed way. He has touched many lives all around the world with his writings and his work that the Lord has put up on his heart. He has been given an amazing insight into the kingdom of God because he is truly obedient sacrifices have been made for comfort and having things to do God’s work. He and his family are the most loving family and kind family. They walk in the presence of the Lord. One of the things that I love, honor and respect about him his wife and his family is how he and his wife practice what they teach. They have showed me through the Bible through living to be obedient to God and keep the Commandments of God that this is God’s character. And by doing so this has opened up the door to kingdom of God.

Matthew 6:33 Tells us, “But seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things will be added to you.”

My years of serving God and going to church I had never been taught to be obedient to God and keeping the Commandments of God. Now by doing so has opened up the door way to the kingdom of heaven. God put in my heart several years ago to ask questions and to seek him in a way that I wasn’t getting fulfilled in church. The Bible studies that are preaching and teaching have changed my life and my 89 year old father who loves Brother Lance’s work.

God truly uses him. Brother Lance and his family don’t live in a lavish home and have expensive things they’ve sacrificed everything for God they’re very humble people that live obedient and trust God for all their needs. I Praise God for using Bro Lance and his family and for the ministry that God how’s allowed us to play a part in by opening our home for the ministry.

Mike White


My testimony is that it’s amazing when you let the Holy Spirit guide you and teach you. I was not a good person until I let Jesus in my life. I lost my wife in August 2015 my brother in Christ Brother Lance was there for me. It’s amazing how God puts people in our path to comfort us. Brother Lance and I used to work together he was there when my wife passed to help me. He went out to lunch one day bought me a Bible and Gospel music, he would check on me every day and we would pray together. Then my daughter passed away December 2017and Brother Lance was the first person I called to Pray for me. I know that they are in a much better place, but I owe a lot to our Lord and Savior and Brother Lance for there love! Amen!

Alan Janzen


Brother Lance ministry is like no other ministry. To walk in the way of the word, is to know the word, and to know the word. You must follow the scripture, 2 Timothy 2:15. Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth. Lance is living this scripture daily. Since I have known this man and his family. They take every day and live it to the fullest truth of God’s word. Our paths crossed 8 yrs ago and we connected instantly. But we were in season with our paths God had for us. We both love people and sharing the Gospel. Which created our first mission together. Lance went home and put together these amazing Christian tracks with two sided information about the gospel. The sinners prayer on it and websites to relieve the gospel in other ways. He had 5000 printed and was determined to pass them out before the end of the year. We passed out some on a weekend 50o here and 200 there. But this man would literally stop his car and begin to minister to the homeless or a stranger walking. The testimonies he would tell. It was all God thru his obedience. But in the long run he hit his goal and passed all out and ordered more. Which motivated me to pass them out in drive thru windows and attach a $5 bill with them to just bless them with lunch money. His depth of the bible is amazing. He dwells in the presence of the most high daily seeking what God wants him to do next. With no regard to for his life. I would say his family to but people wouldn’t understand. God is first in his life. I have never met someone so sold out to God. He is an inspiration to many. He wrote and book, gave it out free. He has created music for the gospel and creates games. His mind works 247 on what can i do to reach the lost and increase the kingdom. He doesn’t look for increase for himself but has taught his family these great values. They live on the bare minimum for the gospel to be spread. They see a need and do their best to reach out. His love for his creator is a love story to the father. His heart is to seek God first and then seek the next person he can tell what God said. That’s how he moves, mentors, teaches and lives. This ministry is blessed because they understand what sacrifice is, what obedience is and what it is to truly live by God’s grace and mercy all the days of our lives. He seeks no riches but what he does seek this world can’t give him. His walk hand in hand with the Holy Spirit will get him what he wants and where he needs to go. If you will listen, take heed and grab on what he is spilling out. You too will be blessed and saved for a eternity.

 I have been blessed from this man of God and by the hospitality of his family. They feed me, gave me work and paid me and ministered to me the whole time. We blew the shofar to give God glory for our time together and that moment will live with me for a lifetime. Friends come and go. But a true brother in Christ is as thick as the blood that was shed for us to live and share in the old gospel. Amen! I pray this testimony will show you the truth of this ministry and help you understand that this is good soil to sow into. Your seed will flourish in a mighty way. And more lives will be touched than you could ever imagine. So, join in to something great and be great in it. Live, learn and love! Live in his presence, learn his word and love your neighbors and watch the enemy run and hide. But watch God bless your life! Amen! Plant your harvest here, the soil is good and it gets watered everyday!

Sarah-Jane & Paul O’Toole


“….after I listened to your teaching on the shofar. You helped us too. 🙂 I had never been taught or received the revelation that we can use our shofars to call on Yahweh to come to our rescue; we needed that yesterday. It was very timely and I know He directed me to find that right when we needed it. Thanks again.”

David Weiss


Lance remember we handed out tracks at Mary’s swap meet, love ya man thanks for your hard work for the Kingdom of Yashua.

Anonymous (Online Post)


I know this family personally. They are about as honest and pure of an American family that you can find. Happy to support them.

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